Our Commitment to
Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity is a core value at SDG&E because it’s the right thing to do, and it helps build economic prosperity.

Supplier Diversity

Every year, we work with hundreds of small businesses and enterprises owned by women, minorities, service-disabled veterans, persons with disabilities, and individuals from the LGBT community. These suppliers help us meet the needs of our diverse customer base and achieve local and statewide goals for clean energy, safety and reliability.  

Our Supplier Diversity Program

We are proud of our robust Supplier Diversity Program, which has a long history of engaging diverse suppliers in our supply chain. For two decades, our efforts to increase the pool of diverse suppliers through outreach and education have led us to exceed the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) supplier diversity goal. 

As a regulated utility, we operate our Supplier Diversity Program according to General Order (GO) 156. Under these rules, the CPUC encourages utilities to purchase goods and services from diverse business enterprises.  

2023 Annual Supplier Diversity Report

How to Do Business with Us

How To Do Business With SDG&E

We are always looking for new and diverse suppliers who can help support our mission and our customers. Start the process by filling out our Supplier Interest Form. Based on the information you provide, we assess whether your business is a good fit to meet our needs. Due to the large volume of inquiries, we are unable to contact every company that submits a form. If there is a need that your company can help fulfill, we will reach out to you.

All diverse suppliers are encouraged to obtain certification, at no cost, through the Supplier Clearinghouse, a program overseen by the CPUC. The clearinghouse provides certifications for multiple categories of diverse businesses and maintains a database of certified enterprises. Certified firms have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of opportunities, as utilities use the database to identify qualified businesses to bid on contracts.  

  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) 
    • African American 
    • Hispanic American
    • Native American
    • Asian Pacific American 
  • Women Business Enterprise (WBE) 
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) 
  • Persons with Disabilities Business Enterprise (PDBE). Please note the Supplier Clearinghouse includes certified Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) in its database, but DVBE certifications are done though the California Department of General Services’ Office of Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Services (OSDS). 

To be certified as a diverse business, at least 51% of the business must be owned by one or more woman/women, minorities, LGBT individual(s), or people with disabilities. Applicants may seek certification under multiple categories. 

The clearinghouse also accepts certification by comparable verification agencies, which can expedite certification through the clearinghouse. 

Supplier Clearinghouse certificates are good for three years. A certificate must be current for a diverse business to be considered verified. 

Download a one-pager on our major procurement categories:  

  • Electric Operations 
    • Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), Engineering & Design Services, Electric Construction, Electric Materials & Equipment, Materials Repair Operations (MRO), Vegetation Management, Equipment Rental, Aviation and Drone Services, Traffic Control 
  • Gas Operations 
    • Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC), Engineering & Design Services, Gas Construction, Welding Inspection, Locating and Testing Services, Gas Materials & Equipment, Materials Repair Operations (MRO), Equipment Rental 
  • Operations Support 
    • Facilities Operations & Maintenance, Capital Construction Management, Corporate Real Estate, Office Services, Environmental Services 
  • Customer Services and Operations 
    • Energy Efficiency Programs, Advertising and Marketing, Fulfillment and Distribution Services. 
  • Professional Services 
    • Legal Services, Finance Services, Insurance Services, Audit Services, Professional Consulting Services 
  • Information Technology 
    • Equipment Hardware and Software, Licensing, Application Development, Consulting, Helpdesk Support, Network and Telecommunications 
  • Fleet services 
    • Vehicle and Equipment Purchase, Vehicle and Fleet Maintenance, Fuel and Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

At least 51% of the business is owned by one or more woman/women, minorities, LGBT     individual (s), or people with disabilities. The business management and daily operations     are controlled by one or more of those individuals 

This is a one-page PDF document that we request with your email solicitation. It should contain a summary of the products and services your business offers, as well as these elements: 

  • Contact information 
  • Certifications/licenses 
  • Corporations/Utilities you have done business with  
  • Highlights of significant projects

Meredith Garcia, Supplier Diversity Project Manager  
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