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Environment: Our Commitment

In our region, many of us share the goal of creating a more environmentally sustainable future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from power generation, transportation and other sectors.

At SDG&E, we have been working hard toward that future for years.

55% of the electricity that powers our region’s homes and businesses comes from renewable sources, such as solar and wind. The national average is about 10 percent. It’s also worth noting that there are no coal contracts as part of our energy portfolio.

Clean Transportation

The single largest source of carbon pollution in California is transportation. Motorized vehicles are the largest source  of our state’s GHG emissions, while electricity generation accounts for about 11 percent. The consensus among policymakers is that transportation electrification is key to meeting local and state climate goals.

For that reason, we have moved aggressively to support transportation electrification by expanding the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in our region. Through our Power Your Drive program, we’ve worked to install thousands of charging ports at apartments, condo complexes and workplaces. We’ve also launched pilot projects to install charging stations at industrial and commercial facilities, such as the Port of San Diego and the San Diego International Airport.

Solar Capital

We continue to support the growth of solar energy with programs and technologies that help customers install private rooftop systems in less time and for less money. San Diego is a leader in solar energy. Thousands of these solar customers have used the Renewable Meter Adapter—a device invented by two SDG&E employees to make it safer, easier and less expensive to install private solar systems.