Metallic Balloons Safety Tips

Did you know metallic balloons (also known as Mylar Balloons) have caused over 520 costly outages and 18 dangerous fire ignitions in the last five years?

Metallic balloons typically bring smiles to picnics, graduation parties, birthday celebrations and family gatherings. But when metallic balloons are left untethered outside, they may float into power lines, cause an electrical surge and blow the circuit. The metallic coating—or Mylar—on the balloons conducts electricity, so when it meets a power line, it can not only cause an outage in your neighborhood, but can even spark an electrical fire.

Your safety, the safety of our employees, and the safety of our community are our highest priority. Help us prevent outages and fire ignitions caused by metallic balloons by following these safety tips:

  1. Keep metallic balloons indoors to prevent them from going near electric lines and creating a dangerous situation.
  2. If your festivities take you outdoors, make sure to keep metallic balloons securely fastened or attached to a weight. Never release them outdoors as they could make contact with power lines and cause a power outage or fire.
  3. After using a metallic balloon, dispose of it by puncturing it in several places. Avoid removing the attached weight until the balloon is fully deflated so that it doesn’t get loose and float away.